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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] So big!: Lily's 5 years old today. This morning she woke up and came downstairs and told me that 'today's my birthday'. She has been counting down the days. For her birthday I brought her class cupcakes. When I picked her up from school, her teacher had made her a birthday crown.

It's a tradition in my family that for your birthday you get to pick whatever meal you want, and mom will cook it for you. So I asked Lily and she chose spaghetti. But when Aaron got home from work, he told Lily she could choose wherever to go to eat. Of course she opted for that. And where else but McDonalds. Yuck. So we took the kids to Micky D's and they played on the playground and had happy meals. I decided not to eat there and to go to Girls Night Out at Carrabbas after the kids went to bed. Much better!

Lily was dying to open up her present before dinner so we let her. Aaron and I got her a princess locket at Disney World while we were there. She is obsessed with a locket I have and always wants to wear it. She loves that I put a picture in there, and she has always wanted one. So now she has one. She also got a Littlest Pet Shop from Aaron and me, that Aaron picked out, for her friend party.

I seriously can't believe I have a 5 yr old. What's even tripp-y-er is that Gunnar is almost 3. My youngest is 3, almost! Crazy.

August is a birthday, David, Lily, and now Vivian. I have to give a shout out to Viv since I haven't already. She was born the 18th--3 days late. Julie was scheduled for an induction that morning, but she ended up going into labor on her own the night before. Crazy I know! So now I have a new niece I can't wait to meet. She is a lot like Lily. Both made their mama's really sick, both made their mama's retain ridiculous amounts of water, and both were little chunky babies within 2 oz of each other. Viv had an extra day in, so she was 2 oz bigger. Can't wait to see you Vivian! Happy birthday to all the August buddies out there!


Posted by Julie at Thu Aug 27 2009 23:38

Thanks for the shout out! Happy B-Day Lily!!

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