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[Comments] (3) Almost over, wah?: It's crazy to me that this month is 2/3's over and I haven't posted anything on this blog all of Sept. The start of Fall is this week, and we have been enjoying cooler weather. We've enjoyed a visit from Aaron's brother, Ben. (Not to be confused with the other Ben's in the family.) He had an interview in Delaware so he stayed with us a couple nights, and we got to go to dinner with him in DC. He told us about this place called Ray's the Steaks. It was pretty dang good, and we will most likely go there again. Thanks for the suggestion, Ben, and the company! So he was our 5th visitor in our little house in Maryland. We're having fun living it up.

Next highlight is I have left the Stone Age. Yes, I have DVR. No more VHS recordings of shows. No more frenzied bedtimes "get to bed!! mommy has shows to watch!" No more commercials. It's all about taking back my time. TV is on my time and my terms-when I want to watch it, maybe during nap time while folding clothes or live. Either way, it is when I feel like watching. So here is me, joining the 21st century. I thought I would hate the EST with the shows not starting until 8 and all, but I actually love it. It gives me that little extra time to straighten the house, finish the dishes and whatever I want before TV starts. I like having it all done beforehand. All and all I am glad I cheaped out as long as I could doing without a DVR, but now that I have one it is worth the $15 extra a month. Plus, we got rid of Netflix so it equals out.

A little bad news this month. Lily was climbing on her desk--the half human half monkey she has always been--and was playing dolls and barbies on the hutch. I never allow her to climb up there, but she was and she accidentally pulled the hutch over and it landed on her. She got a gash on her head that was not bad enough to get stitches, but it bled everywhere and scared her straight. Hopefully she learned her lesson not to climb on furniture anymore. In the future, if Lily ever shaves her head and the question ever arises where she got the scar on her scalp, we can always look back to this blog to know it was when she was 5 and pulled a desk hutch on top of herself.

Now, I will close with an excerpt from Lorna's 5th grade diary that she shared with us last time we sisters were together, and we had a big laugh: "My favorite thing to do is go to the mall and show off my popularity." Haha hum, I guess you had to be there.

Travelogue: David and Ashley's trip in Aug is finished on my other blog. They were here for a week and we took so many pictures and did countless things. Getting that done was almost as hard as London and Paris. Details are there.

[Comments] (6) Ticked off: It's sooo not fair. Life is not fair! I don't mind life not being equal, I just want it to be fair. Aaron got pulled over again last night, and he got out of getting a ticket again. When's my turn? It's not like I get tickets left an right--I got two that royally pissed me off--but c'mon! The man has been pulled over no less than 5 times while we have been married and not once, not ONCE has he gotten a ticket. He has more luck than a leprechaun.

First off, he was talking on his cell phone while driving which is against the law, then he was speeding, AND he rolled through a stop sign, and while pulling over he turned onto a one way street, and the cherry on the top is he had expired proof of insurance. We have insurance but the paper was expired. So there you have it, 5 offenses. And he got NOTHING. I asked for his secret and he said you just have to act really penitent. I think it is because he is a guy, a respectable guy, and the cops see him more like a buddy.

I have never heard of a girl getting off from crying. Not that I have ever tried. If I could even squeeze out tears they would instantly evaporate from the lasers beams I am shooting out of my eyes to maim the cop and his car. Oh yeah, if looks could kill.

The bright side is we have never had to pay for Aaron's follies, which are many. I could list them, but I will only give the highlights--almost killed me when we first got married and living in Alaska and he was speeding on black ice and rolled the car in a big snow drift, caused a multi-car accident in the wake of a giant moving van he was driving, and most recently almost drove us off an overpass after jerking out of control to avoid hitting a car he was swerving into. Yeah, that was fun. We are still alive because we were heading home from the temple, is my belief. And he complains about my backseat driving. Just sayin. So if I die at the hands of Aaron, know my last words are I TOLD YOU SO.

ps I am really laughing, and not really mad that he got off of a $1000 ticket. That would suck to have to pay.

Last laugh: At dinner the kids were throwing their usual objections as of late to anything I put on the table. They complain just for the sake of complaining. It's not like they don't like what I've made. I've usually made it before and they ate it just fine. And if it is something they have never had, after I convince/force/coerce whatever the case may be, they end up liking it in the end.

Just as with any night I put salad on their plates, and Gunnar who loves salad and will ask for more started complaining how he didn't want it. Then I put cooked spinach on their plate. Lily is really good in that she will almost always eat whatever I give her if I tell her how many bites she needs to eat of each. She is like me, we can power through anything we don't like to do as long as we know how long or how much discomfort we have to endure. Gunnar is most easily persuaded by bribes. If you eat all your dinner, then you can have dessert.

Gunnar was just not having the spinach. Lily ate her three bites like a champ. Gunnar not only swept the spinach off his plate and onto the table, but then he flung it onto the floor in three splats. Lily ate her dinner portions and chose to have chocolate pudding for dessert. Gunnar ate all his salad but still refused the spinach. At one point he was a go for me to help it into his mouth but he started gagging before the fork touched his lips. He was bawling and wanting pudding so bad, but I was holding my ground that he didn't have to eat the spinach. I wasn't going to make him eat it, but if he wanted dessert then he had to eat his spinach first. Finally his sad pathetic cries broke me a little and I said all he had to eat was a little leaf. He ate it, lips trembling, but he ate it. Just to prove my point that it wasn't that bad and he didn't die from the experience, I had him eat another. He chewed just fine, and so we went to the fridge to pick out his dessert. I gave him the choice of chocolate Jello, tapioca pudding, or apple sauce. He picked the apple sauce. HA! He may have reduced his sentence of bites, but I got him to eat spinach AND apple sauce. This is what I call a win-win.


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