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My life, kinda like Marley and Me: One movie I got to see over the break was Marley and Me. It was a girls night one and I have to say I was expecting hammy predictable lameness, but was pleasantly surprised at how clever and funny the whole movie was and that I decided that I really like Owen Wilson's voice. He is not much to look at but I really like his voice. A lot. Jennifer Aniston, on the other hand, needs to eat a cheeseburger (or maybe 12...why is it that when some people are that skinny their head looks like a giant pumpkin? just sayin).

I was really touched. Her life was my life in some aspects, and I could really relate except I would have gotten rid of that dog in the beginning making the movie not like my life at all. (Remember Sadie? Sad fact, I tried looking for any post about Sadie and how we ended up getting rid of her or even when we got her but there was nothing. How sad is that? That earns me the unequivocal title of Least Animal-Lover Person ever. A title I am sure to lose sleep over.)

Now that I have established that I have black pen ink for blood and an empty bird cage instead of a heart, I say go see the movie, you will cry your eyes out. Or in my case shed a tear or two and get that painful lump in your throat because you are willing yourself not to cry, especially about a misbehaved dog you would have given the boot a long time ago.


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