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Sweet dreams: Last night I asked Lily if she wanted Gunnar to go back to his room. Just to make sure she wanted him there still, and to see if she felt pushed out of her space. She emphatically protested Gunnar going back to his room. I then told her that if she didn't sleep in her bed the whole night through then I would move Gunnar back.

This morning when I came out she rushed out of her room and exclaimed "Mommy, I had a really good dream last night. It wasn't scary. There wasn't a mean old witch. It didn't have horsies, but it had unicorns in it. Haha, it was a good dream." This is progress. Plus it only took them probably 45 minutes to go to sleep instead of 3 hours. I haven't moved the toys yet, because I am still on the fence on whether or not this move is going to be permanent. Things are looking up.


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