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[Comments] (2) Another one?: Yes, something is going around. I've caught it. It's called Tag. I got tagged a couple of time for the "25 things" on FB and a tag for 6 so I will just do all 25 on my blog.

1.I love scalding hot showers. They don't burn me, but Aaron claims they burn him.

2.I shave my legs once a week. Aaron claims not to have known this about me before we got married. Too bad.

3.I love multi-tasking.

4.I have a thing for accents. I used to befriend all the foreign exchange students I knew and pick their brain about their homeland.

5.I love music. I wish I can sing, but I love listening to music.

6.When Aaron gets a real job and we have a couple dollars to rub together (or $1000) I am going to buy a sweet bike and go on loooong bike rides on Sat. Maybe even do some races.

7.I love to kiss my babies on their mouth. I said I never would b/c I used to want to throw up when I saw my friend kiss her dad on the lips in high school, but I couldn't help myself.

8.I love listening to Lily make believe when she doesn't know I am listening. She has a vivid imagination.

9.I find cooking very relaxing and cathartic, and I love cooking alone with nothing interrupting me. I have deep satisfaction when I make a healthy delicious meal.

10.I enjoy small get togethers and don't like "parties". I don't like making the rounds. I would much rather have an intimate meaningful conversation with a handful of friends rather than seeing a lot of faces and saying hi.

11.I always tip over 20%. If the service is terrible I might tip only 20%. I used to serve tables and I don't think people should go out to eat unless they can tip well. That's what take out is for.

12.I don't like to sleep with any lights or noise. I have to turn the num lock key off at night because I can see the light shining on the ceiling.

13.I rarely pay full price for anything. I get a rush from getting things on sale and I am not satisfied with purchases unless I got a good deal on it.

14.I don't wear make-up everyday and I love it.

15.I am a moody person. That is to say I like to be in the mood for something I eat, or do, or watch.

16.The older I get, the more I like myself.

17.I don't scare easily. I don't have a thing for making sure my doors are locked and I don't get scared if Aaron isn't home (sometimes I like being alone), and bugs and things don't scare me. I think they are gross but I but I don't have a fear of it unless I know it can kill me.

18.I like musicals.

19.I always say stuff I regret. I am working on the filter from my brain to my mouth. I am just used to my family and we don't really offend easily, but I have to watch what I say elsewhere.

20.I like soft ice cream. I hate when it is so hard you can barely taste it. I think that is why I love Cold Stone so much, because it is so creamy and soft. I also like brownies the next day after the flavors have settled. I think hot brownies, like ice cream, lack flavor because of the temp except one is too hot and the other is too cold.

21.I am not a picky eater. At all. Except when it comes to poor quality, and processed things.

22.One of these days (in the near future) I am going to go skydiving. I have always wanted to do it and I told Aaron to get it for me as a gift but he won't so I am just going to do it myself. Anyone want to go with me?

23.I love a good strategy board/card game.

24.In another life, I would have studied abroad and traveled the world. I love history, sociology, anthropology, and archeology. I guess you could say I have an interest in people.

25.I see things in black and white. I am trying hard not to be a "it's right or wrong" type of person even though that is the way my brain wants to process it.

Phew, now that that's off my chest. I guess we can add another one- I talk too much.


Posted by Julie at Fri Jan 30 2009 17:54

I love HOT showers as well, Chuck thinks it's weird but I don't like being in a "cold" shower, unless I just got back from a day at the pool then I don't mind a simi-warm shower.

Posted by Hailey at Sun Feb 01 2009 00:37

This was fun to read, Kristen. Put me in the hot shower club as well. Ben still thinks I'm insane, but hello? How does he stand those freezing ones?


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