Sunny 9 for 2009 October 14 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) [Trackback URL for this entry] I forgot: I forgot to say that I was stoked to find out that Trader Joes carries the same British crumpets I had while in London. I loved them and almost went to the grocery store to take a couple packs home. I didn't have to because they have them here (well in Alex,VA).

Also, I'm feeling much better than yesterday. Sometimes I can be quite the diva. Aaron's schedule has been rough this week. That coupled with the kids put me over the top. It's all good. We've got a fun weekend planned and I have that to look forward to after this crazy week.


Posted by melissa w at Wed Oct 14 2009 21:20

you are so not a DIVA.
give me a break. Ashley and I were talking tonight about how nice it is to hear HUMAN stories and that it's not all rosey and fuzzy every single day. I mean, if your real every day life was all about going to that gorgeous pond by your house and fishing lazily about---then I'd be bugged.

I like that you have a real life. With a real family. And have lame days occasionally. It makes me realize I'm not too weird. Well, I'm weird, but not TOO weird.

so. All's well. I'm excited to hear about your fun weekend! You are doing SUCH a good job at blogging!! Consider this your GOLD STAR!!!

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