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[Comments] (3) Momentous occasion: Gunnar has been needing a hair cut for awhile. I dread it. Since buzzing his head in July I haven't had to do anything since then. It has been a nice reprieve. I can't emphasize enough how miserable it is to complete the task. He cries, flails, screams, jerks, and makes the whole ordeal unbearable for everyone involved. I am surprised we haven't been kicked out of the salon before, even though a person more or less discretely hinted not to bring him back, and many a times the haircut was cut short. no pun intended

I've been grooming Gunnar for the upcoming haircut saying things like it sure would be fun to go to Chuck E Cheese. If you get a haircut, we could totally go and have so much fun. That and the usual candy bribery. The other day I proposed the option again, and Gunnar went for it. There was definitely some trepidation in his eyes and face, but he agreed, and Lily was trying to be helpful by giving his tips like it's okay, just suck your thumb, it's okay. That girl really wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese so she was going to support Gunnar as much as possible.

When we got to the barber, Gunnar willingly got in the chair and was very sad and scared but he gave a chuckle when they put the cape on while I was talking about all the fun rides there were at Chuck E Cheese. I was keeping his eye on the prize. This was HUGE, and a good sign. While grooming him I told him they were going to go whrrrr in your hair but it's not going to hurt, and you are going to get pokies in your shirt but we are going to go straight home and get them off in the bath. I think telling himm all about it before the fact helped a lot.

Like I said Lily was standing right there giving him moral support the whole time saying it's ok, it's ok, almost done, you can do it. I am so proud of Gunnar, for the first time in his short 3 yrs of life he made it through a hair cut without crying and clawing his way out of the chair. Seriously, a big deal. I really hope we have turned a new leaf because the hair cut took half as long since the person was actual able to continuously cut without interruptions, and the experience was a lot more pleasant. You better believe we went to Chuck E Cheese that night. So awesome. I'm looking forward to the barber maybe even having time to do a style haircut in the future and not just some snip snip and call it good.

There were four in the bed and the little one said: I love lazy Saturday mornings. I awoke to Gunnar's noise and decided I wasn't ready to get up for the day and that I wanted to see if Gunnar was old enough to snuggle in the morning. Lily is at the age where she will lay down for a couple minutes but I didn't know if Gunnar "got it" yet. I went and got him and brought him in the bed. He knows what snuggling is because at night he always asks for me to snuggle just a minute so when I told him that he went for it.

It's seriously one of my favorite things to do is on a Saturday morning when no one has to be anywhere, just to lay in bed and snuggle and play and laugh with the kid(s). Gunnar is the most affectionate little guy. He leaned over to Aaron sleeping and kissed his cheek and said "I love you daddy". He then snuggled into me and said "I love you mommy, you're my big boy". He calls me that because I go between saying "You're my baby" or more lately "You're my big boy" so now he calls me his big boy too. He knows the difference between boys and girls which makes it that much funnier to hear him say it.

Gunnar leaned over and was pointing to my eyes and said "eww, what's that brown stuff?" I had a little smudged eye liner on from the night before that didn't wash off and he goes "that's disgusting." lol little noodge. Lily woke up finally and came in. Then I got to really snuggle-this girl knows how to spoon. It was the complete family, all four of us in the bed spending time together. It was a great way to start off the day.


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