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[Comments] (2) Burr, it's cold in here: This is all quite new to me, the wearing jackets in Oct and not really letting up. In TX the year Gunnar was born, I was so excited to not have to be my largest in the summer. It may have well been summer because as I recall, it did not get cool until the day I left the hospital with him. Geez, thanks!

Oh sure you might need a zip up in the morning, but by 2:00 you were sweating. I literally NEVER EVER wore jeans from the months of May-Oct. For 6 months I wore shorts every day. Even in April and Nov, the jeans were worn intermittently. But for those 6 months I didn't even look at jeans.

Yesterday, to make more room in my closet, and because I have a large Rubbermaid labeled jeans and sweaters that needed to be unpacked (and still one in the garage), I gathered all my shorts that I haven't worn a single time in a month, and all Aaron's shorts and exchanged places in the Rubbermaid with the jeans and sweaters.

It's not that it has been too bad here, gorgeous weather actually, but if I am not dressed properly my toes and hands will be frozen by 4:00 on. In SA I remember wearing flip flops year round. If it was too cold to wear them, that's ok because I knew by the afternoon I would be fine. It goes like this in the winter-mornings and evenings it is cool. Midday is warm. For a week or two we could have a cold front and then it is chilly, but then it goes away and for 3 weeks you are left with "perfect winter weather" picnic weather if you will. And the cycle continues.

Now maybe I am a tad cold because we haven't turned our heater on past 66 degrees. Perhaps. We are trying to save money, electricity is a lot more here, and all I have to do to get comfortable again is vacuum. (Why does that job make you sweat even in the winter? You are just pushing the thing around.) OR my new favorite thing is what Aaron calls my Back To The Future vest. It is AWE--wait for it--SOME. I have it in a couple colors, and it's perfect. It keeps you cozy at the same time freeing your arms to do household chores without feeling constricted like sweat shirts or jackets do. Plus, Old Navy is having 50% off all their outerwear. (Ok, online they are not quite 50%, they are more like 30% off and they have half the color selection so go to the actual store.) Go and get you one, and if you have an Old Navy card like me, you can get it for another 30% off that making it only $14. It's that awesome.

Now I am looking for some rain boots, because every week it rains cold rain here ALL DAY LONG from anywhere between a day to 5 days straight. My feetsies get cold walking around with wet socks and tennis shoes. So if anyone one knows of awesome rain boots for cheap (you know me, it's gotta be a good deal) please let me know.


Posted by melissa w at Thu Nov 12 2009 06:56

dear dear kristen.
i am SO happy for you that you FINALLY get to pull out your "jeans and sweaters" boxes. Ahhh, one day, I too, will join you. Year after year, the sweater boxes go untouched in the top of the garage. I thought the EXACT same thing with this pregnancy. Oh, I won't have to deal with summer heat... but everyday I have to at MINIMUM wear a short sleeved shirt---otherwise I'm sweating by 10! Not 2! :)

Glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

and, your "AWE--wait for it--SOME" quote? Really started my day off on the right foot. I love it. Thank you for it.

Happy Thursday.
love melis

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Nov 16 2009 10:39

Try a Merrell Gore-Tex extended comfort mid shoe or some other brand. That way you can have rain shoes that you can wear in the summer, etc. The Gore-Tex website has a list of all their shoes, and see if you can find some on sierra trading post or Campmore. Those are my favorites. I got mine for about $75 and I wear them all the time.

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