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[Comments] (2) It's tricky: So I had a dilemma yesterday. The kids and I were out in the front yard playing while waiting for my mom to come pick us up to go get my car from the shop. There is this old lady that rides around the neighborhood in her scooter, sometimes alone, but sometimes accompanied by her dog...it looks like a pit bull. A fat pit bull. She was "walking" the dog yesterday and rode by us on the other side of the street when all the sudden our across the street neighbors' dog started barking. So the old lady's dog started off for the fence line dragging the old lady's scooter and crashing it into the curb. (The lady can walk if she wants to.) So the old lady was getting jerked off by the leash and the dog was relentless in chasing the fence line of the other dog. The old lady was getting jerk to and fro and I really felt bad for her, but I didn't know what to do...help her and risk getting mauled by the dog or the dog chasing after my kids while trying to help out the old lady. Whose to say I could have contained him any better myself. I was back and forth and feeling really guilty I wasn't doing anything especially when the old lady tripped and fell and was practically getting dragged by the beast. I did decide to stay and protect my kids though because my first priority is keeping them safe. After all the old lady should not have a dog that she cannot control, let alone be taking it for walks in the neighborhood. I was ready to grab the kids and run in the house at a moments notice, but didn't want to leave quite yet so I could be sure she would be alright. Finally, when the lady regained composure, she grabbed the cane on the back of her scooter chair and started hitting the dog with it. Then I didn't feel bad for her so much. But at the same time what an annoying dog. So there's my story. It was really awkward and weird, and I think I played my cards right...or maybe I just missed the boat on "loving thy neighbor". I still think my mothering instincts were right.

On another different topic, it is really hard to do day to day things when you have a cut on your finger. I am so mad. I was washing out a yougurt container that had a little bit of foil top left on it, so I could toss it in the recycling. While I swiped my finger around the edge the foil sliced my thumb, and deep too. Who knew a stupid yogurt foil thing was sharp enough to cut? Thumb injuries are the worst too. You do everything with your thumb and it was sore and tender for two days. I couldn't wash my hands without it stinging and it got stiff from not being used b/c I would hold it out to the side so it wouldn't get aggravated.

Then 3 days later (yesterday) I was out doing yard work, trimming plants, pulling weeds, and racking dead matter up and I sliced my index finger on the blade of the shears. Those things are sharp. I was just tapping a stick off that was stuck on the blade and my finger barely grazed the other blade. So learn from my mistakes and don't touch the foil on a yogurt container or touch a shear in any way.


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