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[Comments] (6) I told you so: So today Aaron stayed late at school and then went directly to the YM basketball game he had to coach for. It was perfect b/c I took my mom to pick up her car from the shop across town after Lily got off the bus, so there was not really time to get dinner going so I took the kids to Quiznos since Aaron wasn't going to be home anyway. Every time we go out to eat with the kids I swear it is going to be my last time. Now I can handle ChickFila and usually only when Aaron is with me b/c I get so stressed out with Gunnar (I had to be put in the other nursery than Gunnar b/c snack time was more than I could handle with him).

I knew I would be by myself, but I decided what the heck, I am in the mood for a torture session spending quality time with the kids. So we went into the store and usually after I get Gunnar out of the car I try to distract him so he doesn't know he is being carried. He weighs a ton but at least he is with me and not running away and leaving a wake of goods on the floor. Plus it sculpts my bicep. He of course emphatically wanted to ah walk myself. So we get in the store and Lily has to pee, so I take them in the RR and I try to keep Gunnar from touching things. I wash Gunnar's and my hands and Lily washes her own of course and discards the perfectly good paper towel I got for her to save time, so she could get one all by herself. I order and it takes them 10 yrs to make our dinner while the kids are choosing every single bag of chips and bottle of coke they have (that they put at a child's eye level, mind you). We finally sit down to eat. Gunnar refuses a high chair so he is up and down, up and down, then standing up on the chair, and then back down. He ran away from the table at least 4 times. Lily had to go to the bathroom again, this time #2, and she called for me to wipe when she was done. (Don't worry we were the only ones in the store beside the employees.) Blah, blah, blah...bottom line is it took about 40 minutes to eat.

The gist of the story is I didn't get cross with either of the kids the whole time. I am getting better at coming to the realization that Gunnar is just 2 and just because other 2 yr olds can sit through a meal doesn't mean mine can and just because I have to leave my chair several times a meal (at home or somewhere else) doesn't mean I have to get all sour and bent out of shape. No, I don't like it but I don't like being in a bad mood even more. So who cares if Gunnar leaves the table with Cheetos fingers and smears it all over our couch and carpet before I can get to him? Why stress over it and think the carpet is all ruined now and it's no good and we already need new carpet already b/c of all the spills? I have been disillusioned that my stuff is going to remain nice and it is not the end of the world. I can let things slide and not get all huffy about it.

The big deal is that I left Quiznos thinking, kids- 1, me- I refuse to play the losing game anymore. I didn't let it bug me like I used to which is a big feat for me in personal thinking. Yeah it is annoying, but I don't have unrealistic expectations like I used to, you know, like before you have kids and you know exactly how to be a good parent and handle the tough situations. Nay, you will be such an awesome parent you will hardly have to handle hard situations. For those people I will be lmao when it happens, and trust me, it will happen. Oh boy, does it happen. I just hope I can hold onto this paradigm shift.


Posted by rachel at Fri Feb 13 2009 06:38

mmmm cheeetos! Good for you!

Posted by John at Fri Feb 13 2009 09:09

Yes! Houses are for living in, not merely for decoration when the neighbors come by. Of course we try and teach our kids to take care of things, but I have no sympathy for people that want nice things and kids.

If only my mom and dad could learn this concept: 8 grandkids and way too many breakables in the house.

Posted by Susie at Fri Feb 13 2009 09:52

Do you actually know two year olds who will sit through a meal? In a restaurant without a high chair?

Posted by melissa at Fri Feb 13 2009 09:52

you go girl.
i know, it is amazing how we have all these theories of how life is going to be... and then that blows up in your face. Way to "shift your paradigm".

Yeah, I used to think, "how do kids get so messy in their high chair with food EVERYWHERE?"---yeah, let's just say, now I know. :)

Ahhh... I cant wait for the joys of 2 year olds. :)

Posted by Jenni at Fri Feb 13 2009 13:40

Well, you have seen my kidos in action...the thought that we could ever go out to eat without incident left my mind YEARS ago!!! haha I just expect things to go wrong so when everything goes good, I'm pleasantly surprised! =)

Posted by Julie at Fri Feb 13 2009 18:36

My baby will be prefect :)


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