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[Comments] (11) I feel pretty: So I was having a conversation with Ashley my SIL about Down East Outfitters and how much I LOVE their stuff, particularly their skirts. She was asking if I wanted to order something since she was putting in an order with the gift card her dad got her for Valentines Day. I am so jealous of that gift card. I was teetering on whether or not I should get something because in all honesty I have so many church clothes it isn't even funny. I told her I could mos def go to church 6 months straight and not wear the same outfit. Ashley was shocked, and the more I thought about it the more curious I got. How many outfits did I have? I counted 42 skirts or dresses (about 75% skirts). So there are 52 weeks in a year and you take 2 Sundays off for Gen Conf. That leaves you with roughly 2 months a year that I would have to wear duplicate outfits. Too bad I don't have an office job so I can dress up all the time and put those skirts too good use. It is a shame that some of my clothes only see the light of day once a year.

That was my game with myself in high school too, was to see how many times I had worn an outfit a year. I would keep count in my head, so it wasn't scientific but I think my average was wearing an outfit only like 3-4 times a school year. Of course that is just tops, I never had as many jeans and bottoms as tops. And I didn't like sharing clothes, so I never borrowed from my friends.

I don't even know what to say about it. I know it is crazy, and there is medication for what I have.

I went ahead and told Ashley to only order me one. Morale of the story is- I have a sickness a girl can never have too many skirts.


Posted by Sumana at Fri Feb 20 2009 08:10

Kristen -- what length of skirt do you prefer? And do you find that you follow some sort of fashion or trend on skirt length that changes over time?

I would wear way more skirts if I was sure my colleagues wouldn't be horrified by hair on women's legs.

Posted by Ashley at Fri Feb 20 2009 08:46

Your too funny! I'll stop talking to you about clothes. I don't want to feed your addiction! j/k Think of it more as a talent. You probably got super great deals on all of them :)

Posted by Julie at Sat Feb 21 2009 11:59

Stop bragging! I have not bought a new church dress for over 8 months! I guess now I have to because nothing will fit in a few months.

Posted by John at Sat Feb 21 2009 22:12

42 skirts! Aaron must love you. I wouldn't put up with it.

42 skirts! Does your insatiable need for skirts have anything to do with not being allowed to wear them growing up?!=)

Posted by Kristen at Sun Feb 22 2009 13:27

Some of the skirts I have had for a few years, some are hand me downs from my sisters (thanks Julie and Michelle), and the rest I paid less than $15 for. A lot of skirts in fact I paid less than $10 for. I would NEVER pay more than $20 for a skirt unless it was specifically for something like Julie's wedding...then I spent $40 if that on a dress which happened, but won't happen again until...who knows when.

A lot of people spend $70 on one dress which I don't do, rather I get 5 skirts for $70 (over the course of months-year). That's how I justify it anyway.

Posted by John at Sun Feb 22 2009 16:08

I suppose I should clarify: it's not the money, it's the space that 42 skirts would consume in my house. But I'm a minimalist, or as much of one as I can be, with a kid.

My comment about not being allowed to wear them comes from the summer Susie spent with y'all in TX. She said your mother would only allow you to wear dresses to church, no skirts. Have you or any of your sisters stuck with this notion?

Posted by Kristen at Sun Feb 22 2009 20:14

Oh, I guess I didn't get it b/c we were allowed to wear skirts. Maybe she thought she meant short skirts. My mom was a firm believer in panty hose though. She thinks you are not dressy unless you are wearing panty hose to this day.

Posted by John at Mon Feb 23 2009 10:18

I guess I have to clarify again. You weren't allowed to wear skirts to church; only dresses. At least that's what I've come to understand.

So I guess I would assume that would lead you not to have many skirts, but maybe you liked wearing them to school instead of jeans, pants, etc.

Posted by Kristen at Mon Feb 23 2009 14:15

I think that is so funny. I don't know where Susie got that from. I wore skirts all the time to church, so did/does my mom. Maybe my mom said once that she thinks denim skirts are not appropriate for church, but I was still able to wear them.

Posted by John at Mon Feb 23 2009 17:42

That may have been it. I actually requested Susie not wear denim to church so much that she stopped (either to shut me up or because she saw the light). She still wears flip flops in the summer though.

Posted by aaron at Tue Feb 24 2009 09:27



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