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[Comments] (2) Love/hate relationship, and how to solve the world's problems: Dirt. I love it and I hate it. I just spent the past few days in wonderment and awe while planting flowers and in semi-disbelief that merely putting them in the ground would let them flourish. I mean I've done it a hundred times. I know it works, but it is still amazing to me that I can transplant little individual pansies with roots in a hole, and pack dirt around it. And they grow and look fantastic, at least most of the time. My irises are already blooming, and my gerber daisies look awesome. I just think it is great, and it has inspired me to go ahead and plant a vegetable garden this year. I took last year off, and the year before that was kinda a bust since Lily ripped most of the newly planted fragile peat pots out that took a month to start. Plus we are admonished to have gardens and it's nice to save on groceries.

I hate dirt because it has been my bane for the past couple days as well. I have been washing windows and blinds and dusting ceiling fans, furniture, and a/c vents and wiping down baseboards and doors so much that I can barely move. So much work, so little time, and finite energy. I don't want to see another speck of dirt in my house again, or at least until it is sold.

Which brings me to my next point- how to not look like an idiot 101. Last night I forwent doing the dishes in order to wipe down said items. Big mistake. Always do dishes in case a realtor calls at 8 in the morning wanting to show your house in an hour! Holy crap, talk about STRESS! The kids weren't even fed or changed. I scrambled like crazy and things looked good except for my room. Ah! I felt like such a retard. Hi, here's my house, don't mind the clean laundry in the corner or the bed with the comforter thrown on top. I didn't even have time to brush my teeth or put on a bra before I had to get out of the house. How embarrassing.

Finally, I know most of my problems would be solved if I had a big walk in pantry and bigger walk in master bedroom closet. Seriously, poof...problems would be solved. I need more space!


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