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[Comments] (9) Done deal: It looks like we have sold our house. We close May 15th and are leasing it back until we move early June. I feel like celebrating. I am so proud of myself. (I need to brag here, I feel so good.) I pretty much single-handedly sold the house myself. I researched a broker company to list it on MLS, I filled out all the paperwork, I took all the pictures after I worked tirelessly to organize the whole house and have it spotless, I continued to keep it clean day after day for a month while we had showings, I have done tons of yard work pulling weeds, planting a garden, mowing the yard, and edging (Aaron helped me a couple Saturdays). I went into uncharted territory, having never sold a home before, and successfully did it in an unfriendly economy with a month left to spare. I totally deserve the 3% we are saving from not hiring a realtor.

I am super grateful that we are making money on the house as opposed to so many that are in the hole after all is said and done. I feel sorry for the people in markets where the bubble popped and they are now in debt $100,000, $200,000...and so on. I know someone who knows someone that owes $400,000 and no house to show for it! Thank goodness that is not me or that we won't even owe $1,000. Such a relief.

I am going to miss the home showings though because I love having to have my house clean. Sometimes I think 'what's the point in making my bed, no one will see it, and what if I want to take a power nap and wasted work on having to remake it anyway' but I like having the motivation to keep things nice and it feels good. Overall, we are so blessed. I prayed every night that things would work out and left it up to the Lord and I really feel like my prayers were answered.


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