Sunny 9 for 2009 July

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[Comments] (2) Juxtapose this: We went swimming at the neighborhood pool today. It is so fabulous, and free. It comes with the lease, and the owner pays the HOA fees. It is such an awesome neighborhood pool b/c it is so close and they have a baby pool that is pretty large that my kids love. Although, Gunnar who is the biggest nancy boy there is, is starting to actually get in the big pool after seeing that his friends could do it and didn't want to be left out.

So today after we were at the pool for about an hour, it started raining. It got progressively worse until we were forced under the big tarp canopy sitting at the table, eating snacks, waiting for it to calm down. Gunnar sat tentatively in his chair wrapped in his towel. He had a disconcerted look in his eye and said "mama, I scared of the rain. I don't like it". It was raining pretty hard at that point, but like I said...nancy boy. So I devised a plan. To make a first trip to the car carrying Gunnar snug in his towel so he wouldn't be bawling or lagging behind dragging his towel and getting it soaked. As I was cradling Gunnar in my arms like a baby (my kids always ask to be held "like a baby" after we get them out of the bath in the warm dry towel) Gunnar and I made eye contact and he said in a soft voice mama, I wuv you. I adore this little boy so much. So I said "I love you too Gunnar, you are my little baby." And he goes yeah, I your baby. I could have died, he was so precious.

So then I put him in the car all sweetly wrapped up and sit him in his seat, but I don't buckle it b/c I britney spears it down the street b/c we don't live that far. I threw my keys in the passenger side seat because I didn't want them getting all wet and I needed hands to carry the bag of pool toys and the pool bag with snacks, my book, sippy cups, etc.

So Lily and I make a run for it and what do I see in the windshield but Gunnar's little head bobbing around. That little scamp. He had my keys in hand and had locked us out. I stood there in the rain for 5 mins trying to explain which button Gunnar should push. To make matters worse, there's five in an automatic doors minivan, and he pushed every single one of them ten times before he pushed the right one. He got the big button down (the one that locks) and of course the red "panic" one was cool, so he set the alarm off a couple times. So embarrassing. I can just imagine the passerby's seeing me yelling through the window "no, not that one, the one right under that button. Push it!" while the alarm is going off and on. Nice!

What happened to my sweet little baby that so tenderly exchanged voluntary i love you's with me? Here I am frazzled, yelling at him through the window with him giggling and getting kicks at my expense. What a little buster. Folks...that's what we call motherhood.

[Comments] (1) Just right: Perfect amount of snuggliness.

G-Mommy, can you snuggle me?

K-Ok, Gunnar but only for a little bit. just chilling next to Gunnar...

G-Mommy, can you go now?

I think it is so cute when he does this. Wants to be with me, but likes his own space too.

[Comments] (2) S'more things: ...I really like about 'my new house'. I love that my master closet is in the bathroom. Seems more appropriate than right off the bedroom. I love the gas stove. So much nicer to have even heat and a flat surface to cook on. The dishwasher is so quiet. It is nice to be able to load it, start it, and then go watch a show rather than load it, watch a show, and start it before I go to bed.

One bad thing though. The washing machine's spin cycle can wake the dead. Now that thing is loud.

An inconvienient truth: "Gunnar, spit out that bead."

sprints away laughing

me not wanting to deal with one more thing thinks, I'll get him when he comes back around.

Gunnar nonchalantly strolls back in the kitchen. "Mommy, I ate the bead all gone."

...great, I'm just to pretend like I didn't hear that. I'm sure it will come out in his poop eventually.

[Comments] (4) cheap thrills: We went on a walk this afternoon to our duck pond to feed the ducks some garlic bread leftover from our dinner with Barrie, Jan, Suzette, and the Whitfields. The ducks were crazy. They were hissing, and have no fear of humans. They were stepping on my toes and gathering all around us despite Gunnar running and throwing the bread at them. Aaron assured me that ducks won't get sick off the butter and garlic salt. They might have some really stinky farts though.

If you want to get a good arm work out, go out and buy this for your toddler. They will use the handle bars like you did when you were 5 and thought that steering a car meant jerking the wheel from side to side. Trying to steady that thing and go straight while Gunnar was yanking it back and forth worked my delts really good. On the other hand, Lily was super cutie on her Dora tricycle. She made sure that when we turned a certain way she used the proper blinker on there.


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