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[Comments] (6) Ticked off: It's sooo not fair. Life is not fair! I don't mind life not being equal, I just want it to be fair. Aaron got pulled over again last night, and he got out of getting a ticket again. When's my turn? It's not like I get tickets left an right--I got two that royally pissed me off--but c'mon! The man has been pulled over no less than 5 times while we have been married and not once, not ONCE has he gotten a ticket. He has more luck than a leprechaun.

First off, he was talking on his cell phone while driving which is against the law, then he was speeding, AND he rolled through a stop sign, and while pulling over he turned onto a one way street, and the cherry on the top is he had expired proof of insurance. We have insurance but the paper was expired. So there you have it, 5 offenses. And he got NOTHING. I asked for his secret and he said you just have to act really penitent. I think it is because he is a guy, a respectable guy, and the cops see him more like a buddy.

I have never heard of a girl getting off from crying. Not that I have ever tried. If I could even squeeze out tears they would instantly evaporate from the lasers beams I am shooting out of my eyes to maim the cop and his car. Oh yeah, if looks could kill.

The bright side is we have never had to pay for Aaron's follies, which are many. I could list them, but I will only give the highlights--almost killed me when we first got married and living in Alaska and he was speeding on black ice and rolled the car in a big snow drift, caused a multi-car accident in the wake of a giant moving van he was driving, and most recently almost drove us off an overpass after jerking out of control to avoid hitting a car he was swerving into. Yeah, that was fun. We are still alive because we were heading home from the temple, is my belief. And he complains about my backseat driving. Just sayin. So if I die at the hands of Aaron, know my last words are I TOLD YOU SO.

ps I am really laughing, and not really mad that he got off of a $1000 ticket. That would suck to have to pay.


Posted by John at Thu Sep 24 2009 08:50

"We are still alive because we were heading home from the temple, is my belief."

It is my belief that this type of thinking can be extremely dangerous.

My experience in the Salt Lake Valley right now is that, because the state is broke, the cops are actually doing a job. I wouldn't call it their job, as I believe cops should be advocates of the people they serve, but I have seen way more cops out writing tickets in the usual speeding traps. One day I saw four cops alone at one spot, all with people pulled over, all writing tickets. Anyone experiencing this in their neck of the woods?

Posted by anonymous at Thu Sep 24 2009 15:02

man.....tell me about it!!! i usually do cry (not trying to get out of it, but because i have the problem of crying at the drop of a hat) but it's never helped me one bit. i totally know the look of death too---i'm either crying, or giving an attitude which doesn't go over too well either....not at all. quite amazing that he got out of all 5 of those things. you should ask ben about some of the things he's gotten out of---pretty funny. only ben...only ben. well, and apparently aaron too.

Posted by aaron at Fri Sep 25 2009 06:30

I actually forgot about not getting a ticket in Alaska when we got in our accident, and also not getting one when I ran into that lady in the Mustang. . . that makes 7 I guess. . . LOL >:)
I personally think it'd be really hard to be a cop. If there are 4 cops in the same place and each one has someone pulled over, we should probably ask why there are so many people speeding there. If we're getting upset about being pulled over, we should probably lobby for an increase in speed limits rather than blame those enforcing them. That being said, I can't really talk given the insane luck I've had this past decade. :)

Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Sep 25 2009 07:28

Tell it to the judge babe.

It's probably because Aaron is in the military. If the cops don't know he's in the miliatry I don't know how he gets out of it.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 25 2009 08:05

He wasn't in the military until this past time. I'm telling ya, it's because Aaron has wanted to be a cop since he was little and the police can sense that and they get all buddy buddy and don't want to give him a ticket.

Oh man Sarah, I love me some Ben stories. He is so freaking hilarious.

Posted by John at Fri Sep 25 2009 08:49

"If there are 4 cops in the same place and each one has someone pulled over, we should probably ask why there are so many people speeding there."

I didn't say there was anything wrong with the police enforcing the speed limit; to the contrary, breaking the law is breaking the law. Whether or not we get caught is irrelevant. I was merely commenting that the sense of overkill on one street, a street I drive 5 days a week and never previously saw cops, signals to me a sense of revenue generating rather than sincere law enforcing. I could be wrong; I frequently am. But we all know that the states are broke (they can't print money like the feds) and giving out more tickets is an easy way to fill the coffers.


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