Leonard's LinuxWorld Expo 2000 Mini-Travelogue of Doom!

Hey hey. Welcome to my LinuxWorld Expo mini-travelogue (of doom). Basically a guide to pictures I and others took there on August 17, 2000.

I worked a while at the CollabNet booth. (If you care, Frank Hecker of Mozilla fame is visible on the right in this picture.) SGI was right next to us, and they had an annoying guy who did magic tricks and spoke in a very loud Phil Hartman-type voice.

Celeste was there, working at the FSF booth. Yay! I bought an FSF T-shirt from her. We walked the show floor, and I took her picture with Tux the penguin, the FreeBSD Demon, and the Dust Puppy.

Celeste was not the only UCLA person there. Also present were Frederick Lee and Matt Helsley. Not to mention Mark Fasheh, who was working at the VA Linux email garden (where I also met Nick Moffitt).

VA was offering members of the open source community to make fools of themselves by putting on stupid costumes and having their pictures taken. Mark and I took them up on the offer. I wore the Roman centurion costume, and Mark wore the mariachi costume. The guy taking the pictures, getting me to do various poses: "Okay, now you're a gladiator." All right, I'm a gladiator dressed like a centurion. Whatever floats your boat, Mr. Photographer.

We took a brief break while Mark was being photographed, and got a couple pictures of he and I together (1 2) Mark, afterwards: "Now I feel naked without the mariachi outfit."

Celeste and I had lunch with LinuxWorld's Joe Barr and his lady friend Susan. (1 2 3 4) Joe took two really good pictures of Celeste and myself. (1 2) There was a Waldenbooks across the street from our restaurant, and they had the book I longed for in childhood: Jabba the Hutt: The Art of the Deal (well, it hadn't been written during my childhood, but had it been I would have longed for it.) I didn't get that book, but I did end up getting the new Foundation trilogy.

Mae Ling interviewed me for Maximum Linux. She took a picture of me taking a picture of her. Here's the picture I took of her. "This is going on the web site", she said of the picture she took of me, but I don't see it on there yet.


Watch the presenation and you could win this stuff!

I got my picture taken with Theodore T'so! I'm blinking in the picture, but I think it looks good nonetheless.

Celeste and I ate at a restaurant recommended by Joe. We decided that the reason he recommended it is probably that, unlike us, he had had the steak. Everything else on the menu was prepared to make you wish you had ordered steak instead. It was like stepping back in time to the 50s, and the restaurant's decor matched that theme. Tacky. The bathrooms were especially tacky, with plaster busts in the doors and big marble sinks placed incongrously inside. Expensive as heck, too.

But it wasn't a total wash, because just as we were about to leave, who should walk in but Nitrozac and Snaggy! Woohoo! We talked with them a bit, and got pictures with Nitrozac (me and Celeste). Not a bad deal after all!

Here's the customary swag shot. The FSF shirt and the books don't technically qualify as "swag" since I paid for them, but whatever. The coolest thing I got was this awesome coffee mug which Joe and Susan gave me. You can't really tell, but it's got about three times (my rough estimate) the capacity of a normal coffee mug. This sucker's huge!

Well, that's all for now. See ya.

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