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: What was my goal for this week? oh yeah, not go crazy. So, it's sunday..... well, soon both of my French papers will be out of the way, and that's 1/2 the battle, right? Too bad the easiest papers are due first.

The Riverside equivalent of Jennie's frat is socializing with the UCLA version in the living room right now. I went out to get pasta salad (that my fabulous mommy made for me this weekend) and when Jennie introduced me she mentioned that I had just transferred from Riverside, and I got a round of high fives for "getting out of there". That should tell you something...

My book (which I ordered from Amazon.com) should be arriving this week. As early as tommorrow, actually, but I kinda hope that they wait til Thursday, because then I know my papers will be done. But really, I want it tommorrow. I have decided that online shopping is an addictive and very bad thing!!

: yesss!! after much stress I am now enrolled for next quarter! (atleast partways..)

just 2 more papers... ugh.

Sarte??? Descartes????whahuh?: BSing philosphy paper at 5 am on no sleep and much caffiene = not a good idea. Oh well, isn't that what college is about? funny, I said the same thing at the walk out today!!

Isn't it odd how when they're something you REALLY need to do all of a sudden you can think of 101 things you'd rather be doing.. and then proceed to DO them? *Rachel discovers unfathomable distractions of the internet* wheeeee!!!!!!

It's 1:30 pm in England right now. Suddenly everything is very funny.

Papers: still 2 (in progress!!! 3 1/2 hrs to go!!)

: Nearly my birthday. Hmmm. A large birthday present has arrived in the mail from my mother, and I have restrained myself from opening it. Despite encouragment from my roommate to do otherwise. There was also a letter from my sis, which I expect to be birthday related and so have not opened that yet either. I have already unwittingly opened 1 birthday card.

I think my favorite part of the day is my shower. I just *love* feeling clean. Really, there's nothing keeping me from taking 2 showers a day. Or more... hmmm.

I actually went to the library today to study. Didn't get much done, but atleast I was in a studious enviornment for a change. I did, however, discover that the library is an excellent setting for harmless flirting! (yes, Rachel, you *can* trust the cute boy across from you to watch you stuff while you run to the ladies!*) One the other hand, I made progress in getting out of classes for the future- yucky science ones!

* DISCLAIMER- may not always be the best course of action....

: I am now 20. A twenty-nothing. very old.

Quotes: "Annoy Bush. Learn French."-sign on office door in Royce hall. "2 MISSED CALLS?!!!"- me, after calling my own phone twice to find it. "If Eminem dies, I can be in HIS video"- Michelle.

: Well...I have a billion emails to answer, two finals tomorrow that I have yet to begin studying for, and I haven't turned my phone on for days. My eye sight is rapidly deteriorating. On the other hand, I went to the grocery store, so I have food (other than the 15..err 7 boxes of mac n cheese that mom bought for me at costco) and toilet paper. Always a good thing.

Right! Time to put on my thinking cape and get to work! Mannerism to Baroque!!!

: WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Two down, two to go.

Ok, I'm coming out of my hole now. You all will be hearing from me soon!!!

: Still 2 to go... well, one IP, one to go. heh. *slowly crawls out of hole*

Yeah, Bush is an idiot.

Ummmm....: Should I be worried that the same philosphical arguments which have illusivley escaped my comprhension all quarter should suddenly strike me with perfect clarity at 3 am the morning a paper is due? This seems to keep happening to me. Obviously my writing skills aren't suffering at all... heh.

FINALS ARE OVER...OVER...yes, OVER!: Hello all, this is Jennie. Rachel has given be the honor of writing an entry on her cool journal thing.... well finals are finally over!!!! Thank goodness!!! i thought it would never end.... living with Rachel this quarter has been hell(j/k) hahaha... actually she has been the best roommate in the world. Even my pledge bros love her too!!! on that note... shout outs to my pledge bros aeby and tracy!!! the coolest girls i know!!! but back to rachel.. she has brought so much joy to my life, not only as a roommate but as a friend and sister. We look out for each other. I wish I can take her to England with me this summer...but grrr...she has already been there! Okay, Rachel...I love you love you love you!!! *muah muah muah* HAPPY SPRING BREAK!

: Just incase you are wondering, it's my sister that's engaged, not me. Thank goodness. Although that does mean *I* don't get to pick the dress. Oh well, small price...

Tomorrow (well, today technically, but that's the beauty of my schedule this quarter) is the start of a new quarter. I don't feel quite ready, but I've decided it doesnt really matter.

I had a really nice break and although I didn't accomplish much besides sleeping (hey- that's something!) I got to hang out with friends, some of whom I had not seen in a very long time, and I even got started on my scrapbook. Started.

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