La Vie En Rose for 2003 March 12 (entry 0)

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: Nearly my birthday. Hmmm. A large birthday present has arrived in the mail from my mother, and I have restrained myself from opening it. Despite encouragment from my roommate to do otherwise. There was also a letter from my sis, which I expect to be birthday related and so have not opened that yet either. I have already unwittingly opened 1 birthday card.

I think my favorite part of the day is my shower. I just *love* feeling clean. Really, there's nothing keeping me from taking 2 showers a day. Or more... hmmm.

I actually went to the library today to study. Didn't get much done, but atleast I was in a studious enviornment for a change. I did, however, discover that the library is an excellent setting for harmless flirting! (yes, Rachel, you *can* trust the cute boy across from you to watch you stuff while you run to the ladies!*) One the other hand, I made progress in getting out of classes for the future- yucky science ones!

* DISCLAIMER- may not always be the best course of action....


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