La Vie En Rose for 2003 March 22 (entry 0)

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FINALS ARE OVER...OVER...yes, OVER!: Hello all, this is Jennie. Rachel has given be the honor of writing an entry on her cool journal thing.... well finals are finally over!!!! Thank goodness!!! i thought it would never end.... living with Rachel this quarter has been hell(j/k) hahaha... actually she has been the best roommate in the world. Even my pledge bros love her too!!! on that note... shout outs to my pledge bros aeby and tracy!!! the coolest girls i know!!! but back to rachel.. she has brought so much joy to my life, not only as a roommate but as a friend and sister. We look out for each other. I wish I can take her to England with me this summer...but grrr...she has already been there! Okay, Rachel...I love you love you love you!!! *muah muah muah* HAPPY SPRING BREAK!


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