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: Ooooh, I've been so good this week and actually gone to all of my classes!! (So far) No, really, I think I might make it. Which could very well be a first this quarter. (But, mom, most of this time it's not *really* my fault.) Plus, I'm going to go to the gym. I really, really am.

And next week I have a midterm, yeech. And the first rehearsal for our Shakespeare scene. I'm Desdemona!! (sp?) and Jennie, fab roommie that she is, is Emelia! And Graydon, my ex-cousin, is Iago!! (Someone is Othello,too, but I don't know him yet.) Seems like I am always in the kissing scenes. AND it's Jennie's birthday this weekend. AND Happy May Day, everyone!! (Especially Amanda, wherever she may be). Time is going by much quicklyier than it ever has before.

Tonic and Basil's quest for goldfish!: Mmm-Hmmm, and that's Ms. Monaco to you!!! Chris and I ended up in Pasedena at a carnival celebrating the cinqo de mayo (sp?). Sometimes you don't question fate. After failing to win goldfish and contemplating flirting with the guy handling the cooler to get one, I decided to go to a pet store and buy one. Except we didn't know where one was, and doubted any would be open, but there was one, right near the freeway, open, and someone was pulling out of a parking space just as we got there. So now I have company!!

We picked out a variety of alias(es? aliai?) with the assistance of "The Bad Girl's Guide To The Party Life" and chose our favorite for ourselves, giving the fishies others, fitting: Amaretto and C. Buz. Don't worry, there's more where they came from, but I already decided the next fish I get I'm naming Snuffles. (10 points to the first person to guess where I get that from, but I bet it'll be Sumana.)

I can reccomend with enthusiasm strawberry with Reeses' cups from Coldstone.

: Yes, I'm still alive and living it up in LA! Tommorrow I have big plans that involve buying a fish net so I can clean my little aquarium. I'm also thinking about a little castle or something (I know, pretty crazy stuff!) Maybe I'll even go to the gym.

It's another wild Saturday night, to make up for my bland Friday night yesterday (*ha- not*)I just got back from The Scottish Play (with the craziest witches I've even seen) and yummy Indian food. If you're looking for a good read, I recommend The Devil Wears Prada (thanks to Marisa and Tom's mum). I've just started and its hilarious!!

: *sob* There has been a death in the apartment. C. Buzz passed away last night. We will all miss him greatly.

: *work* *work* *work* *rehearse* *work*

*goes insane*

The quarter system does wierd things to your life. You start, all of a sudden it's midterms, you have to much thorugh finals and before you know it it's over. So much for smelling the roses. No time to breathe


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