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: Ooh! I have one day of class left, ever! (well, until Fall.) Tonight we are performing and tomorrow... well, I go to class. Than we perform again on Friday, and then I study and write a paper and other various things, and then in one week I am FREE!!! Wahoooo!!! Yipeee!!!

: If anyone knows the name of the Arab scholar who traveled from Morocco to East Africa, the Middle East, and Souteast Asia in the 1320s to 1340s, could you please let me know? Please? Thanks.

I may survive yet. Amazingly enough.

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After busting my butt to get my History final done on time, I turn it in 10 minutes early... to the wrong TA's box.


Guess where I'll be 8 AM Friday. No, I won't be at the beach. Are you crazy? I wouldn't get up that early to go to the beach.

I still may survive yet. But, will I survive without getting kicked out of school? Find out on the next exciting episode of: rachel r, grrl gynius

: All is well. Surival looking... likely, amazingly enough. And I'm going to assume they won't kick me out of school, planning my schedule for next year. Unfortunatley, all of the lovely classes I picked out to take aren't being offered. Yay. And, I have to take an Econ class, which is only offered at 8 am, yuck. But I still have Fridays off.

Amaretto is still alive. He/ She/ It lookes a lot like Nemo(sp?).

: You are reading the weblog of someone who is done with finals! DONE!!! Well, except for that silly project, but there is no studying involved in that. And it's mostly done, anyways. Yippeee!!!

It has occured to me that I will probably have my degree before Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie) comes out. Does that mean something? Probably not, just an observation.

"Free at last, I'm free at last, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!" "Are you always like this?"

: Michelle, ma belle...

Does anyone need to live in LA this summer? Please let me know. We have space!!

Divination Homework: My horroscope said: the moon moving into pieces (or something like that) gives you a burst of energy on Monday. This week you are unstopable. I am still waiting for my energy burst.

Unfortunatley, my car was broken into and all my CDs were stolen. Fortunatley, I had yet to replace my emergency $20, which I believe I spent Taco Bell, so at least I'm not out $20. I am, however, sick of listening to Moulin Rogue (they didn't take the one in the CD player) so this is an public plea to all my fortunate friends with CD burners to make me CDs... I'm too poor to buy new ones. Thanks.

My fortune cookie said: Bravery and optimism are your best traits. A true Gryffindor. (3 more days. YIPEEE!!!)

24 Hours from now...: I'll be gearing up to go to the bookstore! Actually, I'll be gearing up to go to Laura's wedding reception, then the bookstore. But the point is, it's soon. I wandered into B&N today and couldn't stop grinning. I can't wait!

Hi Michelle!

: While swimming today, Jen and I made friends with a lovely frog. She named him Ron and he is now happily swimming in my pond.

In case you were wondering, Harry Potter went wonderfully. In fact, I am still basking in the afterglow. Now go read it yourself.


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