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Divination Homework: My horroscope said: the moon moving into pieces (or something like that) gives you a burst of energy on Monday. This week you are unstopable. I am still waiting for my energy burst.

Unfortunatley, my car was broken into and all my CDs were stolen. Fortunatley, I had yet to replace my emergency $20, which I believe I spent Taco Bell, so at least I'm not out $20. I am, however, sick of listening to Moulin Rogue (they didn't take the one in the CD player) so this is an public plea to all my fortunate friends with CD burners to make me CDs... I'm too poor to buy new ones. Thanks.

My fortune cookie said: Bravery and optimism are your best traits. A true Gryffindor. (3 more days. YIPEEE!!!)


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