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Zut, zut, et zut. Triple merde et sacre bloody bleu: I am now jobless. Scratch. I have always been jobless. I am now hope-for-jobless. Because I was supposed to know that "I'll call you if I need you to come in on Monday" actually meant "come in on Monday". However, it would have been fruitless, because they had a need for more "office skills people" (not me) as opposed to "outreach" people (me). As all outreach has been cancelled, because our government feels that fighting an imperiealistic war is more important than education. Whee.

I have looked on the work-study webpage. I have no hope for a job. I have no skills. I will remain unemployed forever.

So, it is back to my non-consumer society of 3. (The fishies, still alive as yet, join me in saying hello to the outside world.)

With the assistance of my fabulous roommate Jennie, I have made the descison to throw out the frozen, yellow tofu. Goodbye, tofu.

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