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: I've had two job interviews today and soon am off to a third! Oh, whatever shall I do? Perhaps call my mother while I am stuck in traffic on the way back? I must remember to get a new headset... oh, wait, those cost money, don't they?

It's funny how long the days are when I have my 8 AM. It feels like a whole nother day now.

On the bright side, I'm not a girlfriend of a S.G. but I have found one of my school books to be relatively interesting enough to actually read. It's The Ebbing of European Ascendency by Sally Marks. That's an odd name, don't you think? I remarked to Jennie that you could probably tell my major just by looking at my bookshelf. Besides the aforementioned, there is: Sin and Syntax, Penguin Companion to the EU, Readings on the EU, From EC to EU, The Origins of Major War (just arrived!), The World Since 1945, The Government and Politics of the EU, The End of the European Era, and 501 French Verbs. And all that underlining was a lot of work, so appreciate it!

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