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: Just got back from a nice, relaxing weekend at home of reading, relaxing, sleeping and petting the kitty, bringing lots of laundry and other stuff back with me, and... hurrah! The elevator is broken! What is more, I have class at 8 tomorrow, and my bed is not yet made. I am tired. Perhaps I will sleep on top of my quilt.

This weekend: Mom thinks the fish pond is gross, but I think it is a breeding ground for happy fishies. Still, though, I cleared out some of the pond scum. I looked for Harry and Ginny, but I didn't see any fish cuddeling. They may have been hiding in the remaining pond scum. Mom went outside and drilled holes in the ground to plant her bulbs (daffodils? tulips?) in. I said she should have just had me walk on the dirt with my heels on, but she said the holes wouldn't be big enough. Jen and I went shopping for magic pants, but we didn't find any. I did find a black skirt on sale for $6 at Express. And, yes, it IS different from all of my other black skirts from Express.

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