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: The Geology building tried to eat me! It wouldn't let me out! It was just like Jonah and the whale. All I wanted to do was find a short cut.

On the bright side I finally remembered to ask Trang's boyfriend to open a jar of spagetti sauce that I've been wanting forever. Now there is lasagna baking for dinner (yum) and I had crumpet pizza for lunch. (Not quite the same as english muffin pizza--or as good--but will do in a pinch.)

Right. MUST write paper.

: Kristi has come back from the dead. Or France, as some people call it. Also, Marisa is coming to see me this weekend. All this would make me a happy person if it weren't for this silly, silly French paper. This class is making me hate all things French. Hopefully that goes away when the class is done. Meh.

0 words: If only there was a button you could push that would make you want to write papers.


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