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: Ok, I am going to unplug the DSL cable from my computer and WRITE MY PAPER. As soon as I send some emails. I've downloaded lots of nice classical music for study purposes. I mean, uh... bought lots of nice CD's! *hides from copyright police*

I bought a bar of swiss hazelnut chocolate at Trader Joes on Sunday. It's almost gone. I wonder where it went?

: It is amazing how little my paper on the origins of WWI for Hist 141 I can reuse for this assignment. History and Political Science really *are* two different subjects! Who knew?

Unplugging the DSL cable worked really well. I got quite a lot done before I scurried off to an IISA mtg. Now I'm almost done... unfortunately I may have to pull the plug again to finish.

I've decided its not the paper writing that I mind so much. (Except in French--every word is by the skin of my teeth.) It's the getting started that is difficult. Once again, though, I seem to have made most of it up when it is supposed to be based on readings. Maybe I can *trick* him into thinking I did it. He went to BYU, after all, and we know they aren't too bright! JUST KIDDING! *winks at mommy, susie, and john* I love you all!!!

Speaking of Susie, she showed me how to look up the stats on this lovely "blog", and here are some interesting tidbits: the most emphatic(exclaimation marks: 68) entry was on the day I went to see Chamber of Secrets. "Harry" is the 22nd most often used word. "Going" is the first. Followed by "really". I am REALLY GOING to go work on my paper now. Score!

: Now I'm tempted to type "Ginny" 50 times so she's up there with Harry. But I shall refrain. Ginny. Is that the right word? Ginny. restrain? Ginny. Why am I not an English major? Ginny.

I'm normal! I swear! Ginny.

Thanks, Sus, now I'll never get my paper done. *unplugs*



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