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[Comments] (2) My brother is a genius: Hey guys, guess what!! By clicking on the little blue triangle, you can now add comments!! Yes, just like at xanga! So now everyone can tell me how nuts they think I am!! Whee!!! Comment away.

Speaking on my brother, he thinks I'm nuts, too.

It's kind of funny, don't you think, that I get more email from my Econ professor than anyone else, combined? It's not that people don't love me enough to send me email or anything, she just sends out A LOT of emails.

I've been to every single class (even if I tend to get there a bit late) so far this quarter. Although, I have an inkling this might change tomorrow at 8 AM. NO, I MUST go. I have a midterm on next Wenesday. Oh I hate I hate I hate Econ.

But not as much as I hate French.

According to Alex: Nice, succinct & to the point (kind of like you actually).

*looks up succinct in the dictionary* Ok, I can deal with that... Though I'm sure many would object (my PS TA being one).

: I MUST go to Econ. I've already printed the notes--8 pages. This class is a serious waste of ink. I wouldn't be able to stay awake even if I didn't spend the whole time cutting up my graphs and glueing them in my supercool notebook (which two more people complimented me on today, making the grand total 7) and coloring them with colored pencils.

The same guy who did the lecture yesterday came to EU class today. It was interesting enough for a while, but there's only so much Regions and Cities a girl can take. I only got a 92 on my paper this time. I must be losing my touch. Still, I didn't know much about Regions and Cities to begin with, and if you had seen me writing the paper, you'd probably be amazed I even got a 92.

I only have to suffer through 2 more days of class, then I get to go home and see my kitty. I think I'd be a lot happier, in general, if instead of French and Econ I was taking two more classes as enjoyable as PS and EU. Maybe next quarter I'll be better off.

Rachel is too sore to go running today.

Tonic Tonic To--Oh, no, I'm only kidding! Doesn't mean I don't love you, Tonic ;)!


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