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[Comments] (2) My brother is a genius: Hey guys, guess what!! By clicking on the little blue triangle, you can now add comments!! Yes, just like at xanga! So now everyone can tell me how nuts they think I am!! Whee!!! Comment away.

Speaking on my brother, he thinks I'm nuts, too.

It's kind of funny, don't you think, that I get more email from my Econ professor than anyone else, combined? It's not that people don't love me enough to send me email or anything, she just sends out A LOT of emails.

I've been to every single class (even if I tend to get there a bit late) so far this quarter. Although, I have an inkling this might change tomorrow at 8 AM. NO, I MUST go. I have a midterm on next Wenesday. Oh I hate I hate I hate Econ.

But not as much as I hate French.


Posted by Sumana at Tue Oct 21 2003 23:08

I didn't much enjoy introductory economics. I had a great teacher, but introductory economics is all based on the idea that people and entities act "rationally," seeking their optimal self-interest, and you and I can point out tons of places where that is not so. More advanced econ makes room for satisficing and dumbness and trickery and politics and so on, and therefore interests me, but the intro stuff makes me grit my teeth. Also, patent nonsense...but that's another show, as Alton Brown says.

Posted by Tonic at Wed Oct 22 2003 00:39

I think you're nuts..... By the way, if I type Tonic a lot, will I get ranked up there with Harry and Ginny? Just a thought. :p

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