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[Comments] (6) Missing my kitty: My foot encountered something furry underneath my desk and for a split second I thought it was Tonks. It was my slipper. Now I am sad.

Do you ever get out of the shower only to realize you forgot to shave one of you legs? Me, neither.

My book came today. I saw it, sitting on top of our mailbox when I came in from class. And now I see it, sitting on the shelf of Jennie's desk. Looking at me... wanting me to read it... She did not do a very good job of hiding it.

J'ai decide de ne parle qu'en francais jus-ce que j'ai fini mon papier. That would have been more sucessful if I lived somewhere like Canada. Or, you know, France.

[Comments] (2) : "I don't wanna be here. I wanna be around foreingers that I don't understand."--Aeby

Both of my sections are a complete waste of time. My PS TA and I are ideologically opposed. I can't wait to see what he gave my paper. I spent PS wondering why I woke up from my nap and Econ marveling at how badly I need a haircut (Friday). At least until the quiz, which I probably didn't do very well on, but I can't bring myself to care. As Sumana points out, beginning Econ is all based on the assumption that people behave rationally. I'd like to see how that applies to international politics. I have the same problem with all the theories in PS. When do people ever behave rationally, I'd like to know? So what is the point of making up theories when they will no doubt be proven wrong? The only one that I think is any good is institutionalism, and the is because the EU is the way to world peace. My TA, however, does not think this. Oh well, what does he know? Ok. I am now done complaining about school. For now.

IM from Jennie: can u see ur book now? :0


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