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[Comments] (6) Missing my kitty: My foot encountered something furry underneath my desk and for a split second I thought it was Tonks. It was my slipper. Now I am sad.

Do you ever get out of the shower only to realize you forgot to shave one of you legs? Me, neither.

My book came today. I saw it, sitting on top of our mailbox when I came in from class. And now I see it, sitting on the shelf of Jennie's desk. Looking at me... wanting me to read it... She did not do a very good job of hiding it.

J'ai decide de ne parle qu'en francais jus-ce que j'ai fini mon papier. That would have been more sucessful if I lived somewhere like Canada. Or, you know, France.


Posted by Frances Whitney at Wed Oct 22 2003 16:47

I felt something furry this morning and it WAS your kitty.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Oct 22 2003 17:10

Just curious: Is "Tonks" named in honor of a certain cool bodyguard of a boy of Potter heritage? (I'd hate to mess up your carefully managed count of "Harry" and "Ginny").

Posted by Frances Whitney at Wed Oct 22 2003 17:48

Tonks. Tonks. Tonks. Tonks. Tonks. Tonks.

There you go.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 22 2003 18:54

I'm pretty sure the words in the comments don't go on the stats, so we can engage in obsessive complusive behavior with out fear of consequence. Whee!

Yes, Alyson, my kitty is name after a Tonks we all know and love. You can find the details to that wonderful event in the July archives of my blog. :)

Off to keep my class roll going...

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 22 2003 19:10

I came to ask if it was THE Tonks, and I'm talking metamorphagus, weird sister's loving- do pink make me look peaky- can be mistaken for Ginny's older sister if wearing tomato-red hair Tonks. Apparently it is. So now I can either search June entries for how this occured... or ask you in the next e-mail. Wonder what it'll be. (Hint: no strike=no wasting precious play-time)

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 22 2003 21:27

It's July, darling. And there aren't too many enrires to search. Pretty much they're all about Tonks (yes, that's the one!) or scrapbooking. I'll check my email, anyhow.

And just so the others aren't confused, the above was posted by someone else named Rachel. I may be odd, but I don't have multiple personalities.

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