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: I love running into people from London. It puts me into a good mood all day. Because it reminds me that there are people out there like me. "Once you go, you have to go back said Josh. The is the truth. See Aeby's quote of yesterday.

Today in PS the prof was asking if a book had come in to the bookstore yet. It hasn't, and probably won't for a while. I suggested, loudly (as it is a class of several hundred people), that people buy the book online. Everyone looked at me like I was nuts. Ok, this I am used to, but how did them come to that conclusion based on me buying books online? Is it really that unusual? Oh well. Who has the book, whenever one else doesn't, and not only that paid less than everyone else is going to? Oh, that would be me.

I have to run back on campus to turn in the thing I forgot I volunteered to turn in, then after I pack up I get to go home! Yay!

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