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: Je deteste tout les choses francais.

Eating a pomegranite (yum--thanks, Mom!): Application thingy almost done. Yay!

I've decided to cheat and let myself eat a bag of cheetos if I am a good girl and get everything done that needs to be done tomorrow. I have major self-discipline problems. Perhaps I should join the army or something. Or not. I don't know. I don't have issues NOT doing something, such as eating cheetos, or doing something simple, like excerising or going to class, once I make my mind up about it. It's just the writing papers thing that I have difficulty with. French in particular. Maybe I could get some sort of marketing research job where I am paid to come up with ways to procrastinate. THAT would be awesome.

I am now going to try to arrange my classes for next quarter so I don't have any in which I feel the need to a. put off papers til the last minute (like that'll happen), b. tell off my professor (and/or TA), and c. rail against all things French everytime I think of the class.

[Comments] (1) Haleluja!!!: I found an extra hour hiding in my closet, and have dragged it out to share with everyone!!


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