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[Comments] (8) When Midterms Win: Marisa send pictures of her backyard--singed trees and a melted shed.

It's been unusually warm, and I can't help wonder about the cause and effect-ness of the weather and fire. Is it warm because of the magnitude of fires? I doubt. Or are there fires because of the warmth? I also doubt. Perhaps they are unrelated goods. What is the elasticity of the fire? If I buy more of Good X fire will I buy more or less or the same of Good Y warmness? Perhaps the warmness and fires are dynamic differentials; the warmness was declining in power, and saw that the fire was rising, and decided to attack while it still had a chance of winning. Thus, WWIII. But, no, that doesn't work, because we are merely deterring the lessons learned from WWI, and the situation is entirely different now. The warmness is Dadaiste, while the fire is more of a surrealiste. And how will this effect EU expansion? The EMU and the Euro? The CAP?

Oh, help.

Even more reason to be slightly apprehensive: the other night I had a dream I ran into Michelle Barr while traveling in Europe. She was with Georgianna Bowersox and Gabe Smith; I was with Dan Hunt. It's a very odd combination. Perhaps a subconscious longing for my high school roots, brought on by my recent visit to BHS. Freud would know. Maybe I should try automatic writing. Or not, since I seriously doubt I could do anything automatically these days besides sleep, eat, and check my email.


Posted by Frances Whitney at Wed Oct 29 2003 15:47

It reminds me of that Star Trek episode where Captain Picard is trapped on this planet where the sun is blowing up and at the end everyone has these big blisters all over their faces.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 29 2003 21:08

I have never heard "The Inner Light" described in quite this way, but I am assuming that is the episode Ms. Whitney is referencing. Refreshing!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 29 2003 22:11

Me: "What's The Inner Light?"

Jennie: "You tell me..."

Posted by Sumana at Wed Oct 29 2003 22:27

"The Inner Light": Star Trek The Next Generation episode where an ancient probe takes control of Picard's brain for less than an hour and makes him believe he is living an entire life on their world. It turns out that this probe is their time capsule that they sent into outer space when they realized their world would end soon (because of radiation levels from their sun).

Posted by John at Wed Oct 29 2003 22:52

So Susie think I am wierd because I IM'ed Rachel to ask her her opinion on elasticity of demand. For the record, it's here on Rachel's page in black and white. At long last, vindication!! I told her it was relevant.....

Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 30 2003 00:52

Relevant? The elasticity of fire? John, you and I both know there is no demand for wildfire. Perhaps it could be described as "negative demand" or be dicussed in terms of demand for the end of fire, but I'm not going to talk about econ because 1. I'm still recovering from the midterm and 2. I'm incredibly pissed because my head of dept. just annouced she's adding macro--must easier and relevant--as a major option. To be fair, she never had a chance to do it before as she was just made chair, but it just goes to show that sometimes putting off pays off.

Or did you mean the relevance of elasticty in general? I guess there's a point. I added Harry Potter as an inelastic good in my notes for class. But it's not really such a new concept. I'm going to stop talking about econ now.

Posted by John at Thu Oct 30 2003 04:32

But there is a demand for wildfire. The only problem is, the customer is NATURE, not humans. They help replenish the earth by returning vital minerals to the ground. (My brother Brook is in wildlife management and often fights wildfires). Thus, just because YOU didn't set the demand, an entirely different market did. It's demand definitely isn't negative, though I suspect its beta would be slightly jaded still.......

Posted by Rachel at Thu Oct 30 2003 04:44

Don't be silly. I'm the only customer.

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