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: Leonard is going to Arkansas to work on a political campiagn. Like, for a year. Just when I thought activism was dead. And to think, I was planning on abandoning the country altogether and moving to England. Though, to be fair, I'd thought about some sort of campaign to get people to send it their absentee ballots. Every vote counts. We should have learned that in 2000. And, honestly, this place will go to the dogs if we don't do something soon. Look at who our governor is.

Leonard also answered my email. My zero key is still funky, though.

On the other news front, I am still safe from fire, and Marisa mentions that it has stopped raining ash, and that her bunny is excited to see me this weekend.

Additionally, it is confirmed that the Prisoner of Azkanban trailer will be shown at the Looney Tunes movie, which opens Nov 14. This isn't a scheduled home weekend, so I may have to do some rearranging. Date, Mom? (Yes, I'm going to see a movie just to see the trailer. You think that's wierd? Then you probably don't know me.)

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