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[Comments] (2) Blue skies, LaLaLa: The rain is like a breath of fresh air in this war-torn country. (The country isn't really war-torn, but the southern part of the state is fire-torn.)The bad news is, the chances for Rob's house are not looking good. I feel so bad for everyone who's lost their homes. I can't imagine what it would be like. Just awful, I'm sure.

The good news is, I got to see Laura and Marisa. I had a really fun halloween and I was a super-cool fairy. The highlight of the evening was an adorable owl, and there was also a witch. I got really excited and asked if she was from Harry Potter, but she didn't know what I said and had to consulte her parents before saying "Si". Just goes to show the universality of Harry Potter. (Ginny Ginny)

"I think I'm just not special" - me.

"You are special, Rachel. In soo many ways."- Laura


Posted by jennie at Sun Nov 02 2003 11:12

you are so funny...are you still doing the "harry" "ginny" word counting thing???? and yes, you ARE special....i very much so agree!

Posted by Susie at Sun Nov 02 2003 17:21

Rach, you're special!

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