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[Comments] (2) : One more month until I can eat cheetos again. *Wistful sigh*. I am going job hunting tomorrow. After I discuss my research paper with my professor. "LA is the typical example of how they don't want cities to develop" she said today, meaning Eastern Europe, meaning inequality. I am soo taking off this 8th Grade Blue nail polish from Halloween.

Yesterday I came to a realization. My Econ professor is exactly how I pictured Umbridge. Minus the bow and pink cardigan. And evilness. Though not the self importance.

Let's just HOPE that none of my professors/TAs run across my weblog. Or atleast certain ones of them. I always have to remember to not include my signature when I send them emails.


Posted by Pooca at Wed Nov 05 2003 22:50

I really don't think any of your professors would care enough to read your weblog, unless you have stunned them with your brains more than any student before. I wouldn't know, not being in CA, where all the bad cities live.

Posted by John at Wed Nov 05 2003 23:07

So what are you going to do to him....Feed him to a troll or give him away to the centaurs? Or just engage him in another round of "elasticity of demand" concepts. For example, elasticity of demand of an econ class vs. an eu class........think about it.

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