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[Comments] (2) Tonks here I come!!: And mommy, and Gretel...

My dreams are becoming too vivid. It's a sign of sleeping disorder. I'm sure I've got one--sometimes I sleep for 12 hours, yet one the weekdays I'm lucky to get 5 because I can't fall asleep. Anyways, today in PS the prof announced we would be getting back our papers and I turned to the girl next to me and said "Did'nt we already get them back?" Or maybe I am just psychic, because I remember thinking while walking to PS that I would have to do a really good job on the Cold War paper to make up for the B I got on this one.


Posted by Pooca at Thu Nov 06 2003 21:16

OH-OH-OH! The GINNY SYNDROM strikes again! (Harry, cos I dunno if the word-counter counts comments)

I do that ALL THE TIME! It's deja-vu, like *constantly*... okay, not really constantly, but v. v. frequently. I think "I could've *sworn* I'd dreamt this EXACTLY". Happen to me loads. Wow... I knew I had a sleeping disorder though- insomnia. I just. don't. Sleep. (Kidding, 'cept I DON'T sleep.)

Dude, that's wild.

Aren't you glad I'm signing my name Pooca now? :o)

Have fun with TonX... maybe you'll get name-inspired. 'Cat name... cat name...'

Posted by Tonic at Fri Nov 07 2003 01:01

Yes, yes Rachel you are psychic. But then again, you knew I was going to say that! (The system works)

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