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[Comments] (7) : Everyonce in a while Mom (who is working on geneology) will interrupt me (who is working on Uncle John's Christmas scrapbook)and say something like "This guy is married to himself," or "This guy is married to a girl, than married to a boy," or "This guy has a child 100 years before he is born". Or my favourite, So and So the Queen of France, related to us by 5 generations of "unknowns". Honestly!

I think I am reverting to my vegetarian stage. Lately the idea of meat has been very unappealing.


Posted by Tonic Farrell at Sat Nov 08 2003 08:29


Posted by That Dave guy at Sun Nov 09 2003 05:59

I agree with Tonic. Eat meat, to quote the Simpsons "after all a cow would eat you if it had a chance."

Posted by Susie at Sun Nov 09 2003 19:50

Everyone, I think (most normal girls), finds meat unappealing occasionally. If it sounds yummy ever, don't be afraid of it.

Posted by Jennie at Mon Nov 10 2003 07:07

Noooooooooooooooo! you can't turn vegetarian...what would i eat???? =O(

Posted by Rachel at Mon Nov 10 2003 18:11

Relax, guys. I'm not planning on going veggie again. An INN-N-OUT cheeseburger still sounds as yummy as ever.

Posted by Sumana at Mon Nov 10 2003 19:26

I eat eggs and dairy but no meat (yes, that also means no fish and no fowl). I'm just used to it; my parents raised me that way. Little Rock, Arkansas has the only restaurant I've ever visited that offered me NO vegetarian entrees. And Frances finds plenty of ideas for food to feed me! Relax, y'all.

Posted by Spike L.A. at Mon Nov 10 2003 21:47

Could you pick up a double-double for me while you're there! I'm starved!

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