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We're 3 fun-loving females seeking a fourth female roommate who is easy going, studious, and clean. The apartment move in date is negotiable.

The apartment is a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom with 2 balconies and a fireplace. We have dsl, cable, and laundry facilities. You would be sharing a room with one other girl=)

*The room has a private bathroom *A spacious walk in closet and another large sliding door closet. *Right across the street from Parking lot 2 (Hilgard & Westholme Ave) *Gated parking space comes with room *Rent is $525.00


Posted by That dave guy at Wed Nov 12 2003 01:30

Don't forget that she must like Harry Potter!!!
Ron Ron Ron!!!!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Nov 12 2003 02:12

No, actually, I'd just like one that pays rent this time, please. I think that's a more important requirement.

Posted by Sumana at Wed Nov 12 2003 18:30

Oh, how I remember my college days, looking for a roommate to no avail. Hang in there, Rachel. Man, $525 sounds so good to me!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Nov 12 2003 19:35

Move to LA, Sumana! 525 sounds good to me, too. Right now I'm paying extra.

Posted by Alyson at Fri Nov 14 2003 00:01

$525??? That is nuts. And I thought Provo was high.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Nov 14 2003 20:37

You want to hear nuts? A nice one-bedroom (kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom) in San Francisco can run $800/month. And that isn't even downtown. Anywhere that is not a major city is heartrendingly reasonable to my jaded eyes.

Posted by Sumana at Fri Nov 14 2003 20:39

NorCal rents are stabilizing but certainly nice places that were near the UC Berkeley campus required at least n+1 people to share n rooms when I was there.

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