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[Comments] (1) : Me: *goes to get French paper* "Bonjour".

Ma Prof: "Where is you paper?"

Me: *had heart attack*

Luckily, she belives I turned it in, so I just have to put another copy in her mail box tomorrow. Unfortunately, I still have the same problem as before: MY PAPER SUCKS! And now it's really going to stand out in her mind. Why oh why oh WHY do I hafta be soo bad at French? I mean, for the amount of time and effort I put into that 2 1/2 page dump I could've written a beautiful 10 pager History something.

On the bright side, my ))))0000 key has decided to fix itself.


Posted by Michelle Barr at Fri Nov 14 2003 19:53

I know exactly what you mean. I am taking a minor in French and I hate, hate, hate it, but I need it for grad school. Just don't stress too much, French is a picky language anyway...stupid French Academy.

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