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: Got my transcript requests in. Just need one more person for letters of rec. My kitty is hurt, Poor Baby! And I went to a luncheon with the Dutch ambassador today. V. interesting. Transatlantic relations. *hugs* to the Dutch, our oldest friends!

[Comments] (2) : Oh, yeah, and I had first pass today. Realized I was confused about a class I REALLY should take (American Foreign Policy) and its actually at the same time as (count them) three other classes I wanted to take. Not only that, there's TWO lectures of that class, and they're BOTH at the same time! Explain that to me! If I had a time turner, yeah, maybe I could be taking all the classes I wanted to. So I randomly decided to take History of Ancient Political Thought, and if I get into Celtic mythology and Oceanography (#$%^^ GEs) then I'll be happy. Too bad about the Euro St humanities that sounds really interesting... But I'm petitioning for my other humanities credit, and do I really wanna take 5 classes?? Do I??

Found on Jennie's Xanga: Rachel (cool roommate): Jennie! Jennie! Jennie!

Me: Huh?

Rachel: I don't wanna write a paper.

Me: hah!

Rachel: *pulls blanket over head* *silence*


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