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[Comments] (3) Hello to everyone I don't know!: My life must be appealing to read about, somehow, for people who don't even know me. In the last week I've had three emails from complete strangers.


Posted by Pooca at Sun Nov 23 2003 17:14

Oh yes, the trials and tribulations of the female college student with [GS]. It's a sad, sad disease, but those afflicted with it take life by the horns courageously.

Posted by Mom at Sun Nov 23 2003 23:05

Don't tell me you never go cruising around looking for other people's weblogs to read! It's a fascinating thing to do. Here is one of my favorites, which I check in on regularly:

Posted by That Dave Guy at Mon Nov 24 2003 00:19

Hey Pooca, whats [GS.] Some of us are illiterate when it comes to netspeak.

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