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[Comments] (3) : "I don't know if you should be reading this, but something about eating makes me not care."--Chris

"I guess I just bring out the bite in you"--Chris. "That could so easily be misconstrued."--me. "Not if you add more construe to it!"--Chris

"I LOVED it! I totally reminded me of England!"--me. "Especially that time when you ran into JKR and she said 'He's going to grow up and marry you! Isn't that what you want to hear?'"--Chris. "Yesss!"--me.


Posted by John at Mon Nov 24 2003 21:38

Anyone else completely lost and/or confused?

Posted by John at Mon Nov 24 2003 21:38

Besides, whatever happened to Paul?

Posted by That Dave Guy at Mon Nov 24 2003 22:37

I think they're doing a few lines from "The Simpsons" episode.

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