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[Comments] (3) : Traffic SUCKS! There was an accident on Sepulveda pass and it took me an HOUR to get from my apt to the Getty exit. That's what, 5 miles? And it was BRRR all the way through the mountains. Doesn't help that the sun roof on my car is stuck open so I had the draft from that blowing on me the whole way down. *sigh* I live a ghetto life.

And I'm SOO looking forward to the LONG drive up to SF tomorrow.


Posted by Sumana at Wed Nov 26 2003 11:47

I'll be glad to see you!

Posted by Kristen at Wed Nov 26 2003 14:29

At first I thought you were going to bash John's Weblog "Traffic". Good thing.

Posted by John at Fri Nov 28 2003 18:02

Yeah, Rachel knows better than to bash a mark of perfection. Anyway, we hear you. The 5 is such a nice place in Orange County, but something magical happens to it the second one enters LA county. It shrinks in half, we lose our coveted carpool lane, and suddenly there are other cars driving on it. I mean, honestly, what's up with that? As I told Susie "Welcome to LA!"

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