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[Comments] (4) Telemarketers get snotty!: Of all the nerve! And they really expect me to believe a legitimate company calls at 8 PM?

Sometimes I think I could live happily forever on a diet of Whole Foods salads.


Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 04 2003 08:31

Legitimate companies call at 8 PM.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Dec 04 2003 13:14

I have called Salon Premium subscribers around that time, especially if they are on the East Coast and I'm calling in the afternoon Calif. time.

Posted by Sumana at Thu Dec 04 2003 13:14

I should clarify that I would only call someone who seems to be having a problem with Salon's services.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Dec 04 2003 15:46

I expect a legitimate company would call, but then, I would be expecting the call, or at least have heard of them (outside of the junkmail they sent...)

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