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Apparantly not...: Norah Jones is my new music obession. It's all very jazzy and mellow. Perfect for studying.

The good thing about my niffty chart thing is it makes guiltiness even more effective. Instead of thinking vaguely *I should be studying* I can look at my chart and think *I REALLY SHOULD be reading for my EU reserch paper*.

Which is what I am doing right now. This book, Reluctant Europeans has a coin on the cover with: a two sided face, I'm inferring from the hideousness is supposed to be Margaret Thatcher, "Neither one thing nor the other" around the circumfrence, and "*Wait and see*I'm not ruling it in & I'm not ruling it out*In, out shake it all about*" beneath. Very humourous, very apt, if you ask me.

This time tomorrow I'm going to be (for better or for worse) and hour into my econ final. I'm also going to start working. And hopefully by office hours on Tuesday, I'll have some semblense of a rough draft of my French paper.

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