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crisbcreme (10:30:33 PM): you'll survive
crisbcreme (10:30:56 PM): cause if you don't, then you won't know what'll happen to Harry Potter
rachnmi (10:31:17 PM): oh, gosh, you're right
crisbcreme (10:31:20 PM): see
rachnmi (10:31:22 PM): I WILL survive
crisbcreme (10:31:29 PM): next movie, next book,
crisbcreme (10:31:32 PM): harry and you
ginny ginny

For the record, I *do* like school. I just don't like finals!


Posted by Pooca at Wed Dec 10 2003 01:32

Yes, I'm always telling myself I have to go on, because otherwise I won't be able to read the books. :o)

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