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[Comments] (4) After years of seeking: I have found EMPLOYMENT! Yippe! And not just a boring, dumb job, oh no. I am researching British women active on the front in WWI. I start as soon as I turn in the French paper.

My schedule is all good, too. I just need to fix that little GE problem. After all, everything can't be perfect! And once I finish up this little Cal app I'll have the rest of the week free to work on more apps, and fail French.


Posted by Susie at Tue Dec 02 2003 16:35

I'm so proud of you! Go Rachey!

Posted by Sumana at Tue Dec 02 2003 14:23

Research jobs, yay. I hope you have a good relationship with your mentor and find your work fulfilling.

Posted by John at Tue Dec 02 2003 19:12

You do realize that would bring you to Provo, don't you?

How goed the GRE's?

Posted by John at Tue Dec 02 2003 19:14

By the way, I posted this comment here and not on the "hide me from the real world" post of yours because it denied me for some odd reason.


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