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[Comments] (5) : Let me tell you a story, the story of a girl during the worst finals week of the worst quarter of her life. On the last day of that week, she put on jeans and makeup for the first time in who knows how long, and spent the rest of the day perfecting her European Studies paper and dreaming of the moment when she would be free of all academic obligations for the entire Winter break. At three o'clock, she went on campus for her final class session. But when she got to the classroom, she opened the door to find it dark and empty. A little alarmed, she checked her timetable--yes, 2174 Bunche. Now, even more alarmed, she sat down on the steps and checked her sylabus to discover the class was scheduled, not for three, as she had for some reason believed, but 11:30.

What is the fate of this girl, the stupidest idiot on the planet? We all wait, with baited breath...


Posted by Alyson at Sat Dec 13 2003 01:13

Well, uh . . . hmmmm . . . At least you looked good!

Posted by Sumana at Sat Dec 13 2003 01:34

Good luck....

Posted by Pooca at Sat Dec 13 2003 17:44

Oh dear!

Posted by John at Sun Dec 14 2003 03:09

We'll get you a day planner and the Seven Haibt for Highly Effective People for Christmas.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Dec 15 2003 17:03

Whatever happened with this???

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